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A better world is possible through responsible and transparent brands.

Our mission is to change the sun umbrella industry in a positive way.

Today the market is flooded with low end, unattractive and poor quality products. Like today’s umbrella industry, this kind of cheap products creates a lot of waste (1 umbrella is estimated to be thrown away every 2 seconds and is never recyclable), a big part of beach umbrellas end up in the garbage (worst : sometimes in deep nature !). Moreover, most of sun umbrellas are not very charming, that’s for sure !

Faced with this facts, Klaoos takes up the challenge to create designer & eco-friendly sun umbrellas and parasols for strollers, entirely produced in Europe (between Italy, France and Germany), with high end quality.

Crowdfunding campaign

Launch of the first umbrella produced from recycled plastic bottles on a crowdfunding platform.

Big success !! Thanks to this experience we have raised enough funds for our recycled umbrellas to see the light of day quickly.

A rich experience that has allowed us to create a real community with which we share common values.

Upcycling is the future

Our beach umbrella fabrics are made of polyester issued of recycled plastic bottles, saving ⅔ of carbon emissions in this production. This does not impact the softness nor the UV protection of our fabrics which are labelled UPF 50 +. As our shores and oceans are full of plastic, that makes sense to us to use recycled plastic to make beach umbrellas! In addition, the ecological printing process of our canopies is ensured labelled “Imprim’vert” printers. This process, with the type of inks that we chose, guarantee the lack of harmful substances (mostly solvents) and reduce the use of water (often excessive in fabric printing).

Give back style

 to an emblematic accessory, that’s the challenge we want to take ! Thanks to original designs conceived exclusively for the brand (all our models are registered) matching the ultimate fashion trends, our sun umbrellas and cute parasols for strollers stand out from the others while offering the highest UV protection.

Our beach umbrellas are conceived to last.

They are produced in Europe within a range of 1000 km between Germany, Italy and France in order to reduce our CO2 emissions caused by logistics. We buy only Oekotex certified fabrics, a label that ensures the absence of several toxic substances in the textile composition.
As our outsourcing is made only with industries based in the European Union, that guarantee the fundamental rights for EU workers.

But who is hiding behind Klaoos ?

The founder:

Claudia Calcina, italian born and french by adoption, decided to create Klaoos in 2017.

Balancing life principles and entrepreneurship

“Young mom of two kids, I decided to leave Paris and my work in public administration for a more quiet life in Bordeaux. With the aim of making a new business while doing something that could make sense to me and my values, I decided to give myself a challenge: to bring back style in sun umbrellas while taking care of their production. Creating an accessory matching with my tastes in design and fashion, I also wanted to protect my family from the heat and the harmful rays of the sun. This adventure began at the end of 2016 when I discovered the amount of work that has to be done: the sun umbrella industry had almost disappeared in Europe and I would need to create a new supply chain if I wanted to ally high quality and sustainability. Actually, I wanted to produce entirely in Europe (from the yarn to the design that I mostly create myself). After looking for for the last european “savoir-faire” (know-how) in this industry and finding the perfect fabrics and process both in quality and technical specifications, the first batch of prototypes were produced, in early 2017.

An ecological behavior in symbiosis with our time:

“I grew up in Sardinia and I observed the impact of human beings in the wild nature since I was very young. Some beaches of my island were dramatically impacted by mass tourism, others are now banned to visitors in order to protect their fragile ecosystem. Nothing is yet lost, we need to change our ways of life to ensure the right of our children to observe nature in its true way, whether it’s still possible. From the beginning, I wanted to follow the path of sustainability because I really care about environment and climate issues. High quality, durability of products through their life cycle, along with waste reduction, are all points that we have to consider in order to improve our way to produce in the whole industry. In addition, it’s a strong message for us to be able to say that our beach umbrellas are entirely produced in Europe within the respect of workers and nature, made out of plastic bottles : that’s the same plastic that I found in the beaches since my young age ! Protecting nature and people we love in a sustainable way, here is the philosophy of Klaoos.

A brand based in Bordeaux’s Darwin Ecosystem

Klaoos is located at Le Campement Darwin, an incubator for young businesses and start-ups linked to green sustainability in Bordeaux.